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Kindermusik Adventures for Toddler

18 months to 3 years

Zoo Train!: Your toddler and the train make a natural match--always on the move. And when you both dance and make the featured animal sounds, your toddler develops the multisensory and listening skills necessary for permanent learning. You'll love knowing that every happy "choo-choo" moment develops rhythm and fine motor coordination.

Creatures in My Backyard: With backyard inspired activities, you can talk about things outside and how they connect to things in the classroom. Together you'll run and jump rain puddles made from hula hoops. Shoo real flies and sing "Shoo Fly" and be the seed from the seed's perspective.

Creatures at the Ocean: Sing sailor songs and make your own ocean of imagination. Every activity really counts when this camp puts the learning in song such as "Five little seashells lying on the shore: Swish! Went the waves and then there were four."

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At Home Materials (sample shown at left)
The summer adventure continues at home through the literature book, the CD containing favorites from class (and a few new ones!), plus other special materials that all help enhance the learning.